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TOEIC Test Vol.4 – Test 1 – Part 7

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Questions 153-154 refer to the following invitation.

13 (1)153. Why was the postcard sent?
154. On what day is the office open only in the morning?
Questions 155-156 refer to the following notice.


Mantero City Community Center

Summer Cooking Classes

The Mantero City Community Center will offer the following cooking classes this summer:
Soups and AppetizersJuly 94:00 p.m.-6:00 p.m.$20
Poultry and Meat DishesJuly 111:00 P.M.-3:00 P.M.$35
Quick Pasta DishesJuly 139:00 A.M.-11:00 A.M.$25
Classes will be held at the Mantero City Community Center, 3535 Springdale Boulevard, Mantero City. Registration will begin on July 1. To reserve a place, visit the administration office. Alternatively, you may send your information to Rosa Morales by fax at 928-555 -0198 or by e-mail at rmorales@manterocc.net. Please include your name, the name of the class you wish to attend, and a telephone number.
155. What is the main purpose of the notice?
156. In what way are readers NOT instructed to respond?
Questions 157-158 refer to the following billing statement.

22157. For what service was the bill issued?
158. By what date should the bill be paid?
159. What is indicated on the bill?
Questions 160-161 refer to the following e-mail.
To: Stephen Clayton <stephen@claytongym.com>
From: Amanda Palmer <apalmer@linkedmail.net>
Date: October 26
Subject: Fitness Center Membership

Dear Mr. Clayton,

This e-mail is in response to your letter of October 14, which stated that my membership at your fitness center will expire on October 31.1 wish to let you know that I have chosen not to renew it.

When I first became a member, the cost was $25 per month. Now the cost is $50 per month. Aside from this significant increase in cost, I have been dissatisfied with some of the services at the fitness center. There never seems to be enough equipment available for use at peak hours during the day. In addition, many of the new aerobics classes that I registered for were canceled due to low attendance.


Amanda Palmer
160. Why did Ms. Palmer send the e-mail?
161. What is NOT one of Ms. Palmer’s concerns?
Questions 162-164 refer to the following memo.
From: Alexander Huber, Manager
To: All Melodia Music Store employees
Date: May 24
Re: Summer store hours

The Cedarville Business Association recommends that downtown shops remain open for an extra hour on at least two days each week in the summer to foster more tourism and shopping in the commercial district. Accordingly, Melodía Music will close at 7:00 P.M. on Fridays, instead of at 6:00 P.M., and at 5:00 P.M. on Saturdays, instead of at 4:00 P.M. To accommodate the extra hour, the first shift of each day will be lengthened by half an hour, and the second shift will begin half an hour later than usual and end an hour later than usual. All affected employees will be compensated for the extra time.

If you need to adjust your schedule because of this change, please see me as soon as possible.

Thank you for your cooperation.
162. Why will the store’s hours be changed?
163. At what time will the store close on Saturdays during the summer?
164. How will the change be implemented?
Questions 165-168 refer to the following product review.

31165. What product is being reviewed?
166. What advantage of the product is mentioned?
167. Why did the customer contact the manufacturer about the product?
168. What did the company offer to the customer?
Questions 169-171 refer to the following advertisement.

Office Assistant Needed

A financial services firm in central Dublin seeks a responsible and organized individual to provide part-time support to a senior account manager in charge of high- profile customer accounts. The assistant will be expected to carry out a range of tasks from simple clerical duties to complex assignments requiring some project management skills.

The successful candidate will have a minimum of five years of experience in a similar role. In addition, excellent verbal and written communication skills, proficiency in the use of industry-specific and general office software, and the ability to thrive in a fast-paced work environment are necessary. A university degree is preferred, but candidates with secondary school certificates are also eligible.

Hours will be 8:30 A.M. to 3:00 P.M., three days a week. The specific hours cannot be changed, but there is some flexibility regarding the days of the week. The candidate must be able to start on February 1. The salary offer will be commensurate with the candidate’s experience and education.

Interested individuals are encouraged to send an e-mail with their resume and the names of three professional references to Dennis Donovan, Director of Human Resources, at ddonovan@sagefinance.ie.
169. In what area of the company will the assistant most likely work?
170. What is NOT a requirement of the position?
171. What is negotiable?
Questions 172-175 refer to the following e-mail.
To: Nancy Norling <nnorling@mgcindustries.com>
From: Gabriel Tshaba <gtshaba@mgcindustries.com>
Date: January 20Subject: Greetings
CC: Mei Xu <mxu@mgcindustries.com>; James Novak <jnovak@mgcindustries.com>

Dear Ms. Norling:

As president of MGC Industries I am happy to welcome you to our company. All of the references we contacted indicated that you are an excellent mechanical engineer and that we are fortunate to be hiring you. I am particularly impressed with your professional accomplishments up to this point, and I know that the research and development group is thrilled that a robotics specialist will finally be joining their team.

Initially you will be working under Mei Xu, a senior engineer in the research and development group. Dr. Xu is a part-time faculty member at Eliseus University, and although you graduated from there years before she arrived, I am sure you will have much to talk about! Dr. Xu will be showing you around and familiarizing you with the facilities, as well as with company policies and procedures. Feel free to contact her or Jerome Tobin, your assigned human resources officer, with any questions you may have.

On Friday afternoon at 2:00 we will have an informal tea in the conference room so that you can meet your new colleagues.

My assistant will be sending out an e-mail on Friday morning to remind all employees about the gathering and to tell them a little bit about you. Could you give him a few biographical details to include in the introduction? His name is James Novak, and he is listed in the company directory.

I send you best wishes for a happy and successful career at MGC Industries.

Gabriel Tshaba
172. What is suggested about Ms. Norling?
173. Why should Ms. Norling attend the event on Friday?
174. Who is James Novak?
175. What is Ms. Norling asked to provide?
Questions 176-180 refer to the following letter.
16 December

Ms. Emma Girard
Girard & Durand
281 Jakes Street
Pretoria, 2902

Dear Ms. Girard:

I received your contact information from Clara Moreau of Moreau Catering Service. Ms. Moreau tells me that she has worked with your company over the past few years to promote her business. She speaks very highly of your expertise and finds your work ethic to be outstanding. She is also enjoying more sales as a result of the increased exposure you have provided for her.

I am one of the owners of the D.T. Vincent Hotel in Rosebank, which is just north of downtown Johannesburg. We opened three months ago, and we would like to find a way to increase our visibility in the local market. Though our room rates are reasonable, we are struggling to compete with the nearby Grand Regents Hotel, which already has an established customer base both here in town and internationally.

To draw more guests, we would like to emphasize our luxury in-room amenities and excellent customer service. Our hotel also features an indoor swimming pool, a health spa, two exercise rooms, and a French-inspired restaurant that offers both fine dining and casual fare, I should mention as well that my partners and I are planning to open a facility in Randburg within the next two years; I would expect that any marketing we do now for the Rosebank site will also benefit the new hotel.

I am interested in how you would address the concerns I have explained above, and I would like to schedule a meeting to discuss whether your agency might be able to assist us. I will telephone you soon to follow up.

Kind regards,

Giles Bodenham
D.T. Vincent Hotel Group
176. Why did Mr. Bodenham choose to contact Girard & Durand?
177. The word “finds” in paragraph 1, is closest in meaning to
178. What is implied about the Grand Regents Hotel?
179. What is stated about the D.T. Vincent Hotel?
180. What kind of company is Girard & Durand?


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