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TOEIC Test Vol.3 – Test 1 – Part 7

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Questions 153-154 refer to the following notice.

Posted May 1

The annual employee picnic will be held on Thursday, May 19 at 12:30 P.M. in the courtyard outside the cafeteria. The rain date is Wednesday, May 25. Please contact Mary Chu by Tuesday, May 17 to let her know whether you will be attending. You can reach her at mchu@santostech.com or by calling her at 555-7324 ext. 322. In addition to delicious food and enjoyable games, Mary is also hoping to arrange entertainment. Contact her if you have any ideas.
153. What is the purpose of the notice?
154. By what date should Mary Chu be contacted?
Questions 155-156 refer to the following advertisement.

11155. What is the purpose of the advertisement?
156. When does the store close on Sunday?
Questions 157-158 refer to the following message.

21157. Why did Ms. Lang call Mr. Matsumoto?
158. What will Ms. Lang probably do?
Questions 159-161 refer to the following advertisement.
21Do you want to see the world? Then plan to visit the Silver Poseidon Cruises Career Fair on Tuesday, November 15 from 9 A.M. to 4 P.M. or Wednesday, November 16 from 5 P.M. to 9 P.M. We are looking for food servers, entertainers, and maintenance staff to work aboard our many vessels. Free travel is just the beginning when you work for Silver Poseidon Cruises.We offer paid training, great benefits, and opportunities to advance. Applicants should have at least three years of related work experience as well as good communication skills and be able to work nights and holidays. Selected applicants will be called back for a second interview by Sunday, November 20.

For advance registration, please visit our Web site at http://www.silverposeidoncruises.com by Sunday, November 13.

For more information, please call 1-800-555-7962 or

e-mail Elena Ruiz at eruiz@silverposeidoncruises.com.
159. Where will the employees who are hired for the advertised positions work?
160. What benefit is NOT mentioned in the advertisement?
161. How are interested people instructed to register?
Questions 162-165 refer to the following information.

Northwood Community Center

March Employee of the Month

Employee:       Linda Ahn

Classes:            Watercolor  Painting & Pen and Ink Drawing

Interests:          Photography

Art instructor Linda Ahn is one of the most popular figures at our community center. She teaches on Tuesday and Saturday mornings and Thursday nights, and her classes are usually filled to capacity. In May she is going to start teaching an afternoon beginner’s drawing class on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Linda began teaching here last July, but her creative talents have taken her in many directions. Before teaching here she was a costume designer for the Copenhagen Theater Company for three years. Linda is also an accomplished amateur photographer who has taken pictures of the many places she has visited while touring with the theater group. She displayed some of them in the Town Hall gallery in October.

So sign up for one of Linda’s classes—you’ll be glad you did!

162. What is the purpose of the information?
163. On what day of the week does Linda Ahn teach an evening class?
164. According to the information, what will happen in May?
165. What was Linda Ahn’s former job?
Questions 166-168 refer to the following letter.
June 10
Ms. Ngaire Umaga
14 Raven Court
Auckland 1041

Account ID: 3565
Trip No: Gr867
Trip: Greece, April 7-17
Group leader: Jeff Lorber

Dear Ms. Umaga:
We are pleased that you have chosen Explorer Voyage Travel Service to help you plan your upcoming trip to Greece. We have received your registration form and deposit. You will soon be receiving an invoice listing your payments and the balance due. Please make sure that we receive your final payment by December 30 to avoid any late fees. Also, if you decide to cancel your trip, you must notify us in writing at least 10 days before your departure date to receive a refund.

Enclosed is a copy of “Are You Ready to Travel?” This brochure will provide you with information you may find useful in preparing for your trip, including tips about packing, shopping, and sightseeing. You may also check out our Web site for additional material. Just log in using your account ID.


Richard Donaldson
Client Services
166. Who most likely is Richard Donaldson?
167. What is indicated in the letter?
168. What was sent with the letter?
Questions 169-172 refer to the following book review.
From Coins to Credit: Banking Throughout the Ages is a concise history of banks and the banking industry from ancient times to the present. James Gallagher, who has made a career of covering financial news for several newspapers, has done a careful job of investigating his subject. Although he presents the facts carefully, Mr. Gallagher has made what could have been a dry book into one that is interesting and enjoyable. By telling amusing anecdotes about historical figures, he makes them come alive. Even people who are not particularly attracted to the subject matter will find this book engrossing.
169. What most likely is Mr. Gallagher’s job?
170. What does the reviewer NOT mention about the book?
171. The word “dry” in line 5 is closest in meaning to
172. What does the reviewer suggest?
Questions 173-175 refer to the following news article.
MUMBAI, India, June 3 — Star Airways, Mumbai’s dominant airline for the past five years, has reported it is planning to replace its entire aircraft fleet with European- produced Skystream jets.

Starting with an initial purchase of 90 jets, Star Airways expects the changeover to take a decade to complete. The new planes will enable the airline to expand its international routes as well as provide replacements for its aging fleet of jet planes. Star Airways and Skystream, in a joint announcement at the Brussels Air Show on Thursday, said that the order included seventeen of the new AWB850 aircraft. This will make Star Airways the first Indian carrier to fly the AWB850, an aim it has had since the powerful jets were first produced.
173. What is the purpose of the article?
174. How long is the change expected to take?
175. What is NOT reported as a goal of Star Airways?
Questions 176-180 refer to the following article.
Plans Approved for Local AttractionTuesday, February 26After hearing recommendations proposed by the panel commissioned eight months ago to evaluate the Marsh Point Lighthouse, local officials announced on Monday that a major restoration of the lighthouse tower would begin in two months. To the untrained eye, the lighthouse appears to be in good shape. However, according to chief engineer Edward Sayer, the tower is in dire need of repair to replace loose bricks and address severe corrosion at the base of the structure. President of the Marsh Point Historical Society Glenda Lewis remarks, “For almost 200 years, the lighthouse has been an aid to navigation. Restoring the lighthouse now may extend its service for another two centuries.”

The lighthouse is also important for cultural reasons. As Stephanie Landsbury of the city tourist board notes, “The Marsh Point Lighthouse is a local landmark. It has been featured on posters and signs and even plays a pivotal role in the movie classic “Clear Beam of Light.”
Restoration of the structure will be done in phases over the next eighteen months, and will include work on the interior as well as the exterior of the lighthouse.

Parts of the structure will remain open to the public while the work is being done, as will the museum and gift shop also on the premises. The completion of the project is expected to coincide with the building’s bicentennial. Donations to help support the cost of the restoration are being solicited from local individuals and corporate sponsors.
176. What is the article mainly about?
177. When is the project scheduled to begin?
178. Who is Stephanie Landsbury?
179. What is suggested about the lighthouse?
180. The word “pivotal” in paragraph 2, is closest in meaning to


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