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Practice Test 1 – Part 7d

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TOEIC Test RC 1000 – Test 3 – Part 7d

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Questions 181-185 refer to the following form and e-mail.

Brody Supply Warehouse

Electronic Order Form                 Confirmation Number: 341A7T

Company Name: John Mellon Home Specialty

Address: 342 Dundas Street East, Toronto, Ontario M5B 2GB


Item NumberItem DescriptionQuantityPrice per ItemTotal Price






Wide paintbrush

Narrow paintbrush

Paint roller

Extra-large painting tape

Plastic cover cloth

Primer paint

Sandpaper, 20-sheet pack





















For pickup


Orders will be shipped within five days from the day we receive the order. If you opt to pick up your order, it should be available three days after you place the order. Please call us at 416-555-0163 to confirm that the order is ready for pickup before you arrive.


From: john@jmellonhome.ca
To: info@bradysupplyhouse.ca
Subject: Assistance

Date: April 7

I placed an order online on April 5. My confirmation number is 341A7T. I need to make a few revisions to my order, and I’m hoping it is not too late to do so. Unfortunately, I mixed up the quantities for items 103 and 104.1 should have requested 20 wide paintbrushes and 30 narrow paintbrushes. Could you please change this? Also, I would like to cancel the order for item 143 altogether. Finally, I’d like to order an additional five packs of item 164.

I was originally planning to pick up my order tomorrow, April 8; however I realize that you probably need time to correct my order. Would I be able to pick it up the morning of April 9 instead? I am scheduled to start a large job that same day, and I will need the sandpaper and the painting tape in order to begin. If for any reason the whole order is not available that soon, perhaps I could at least pick up those two items. I appreciate your assistance.

John Mellon
181. What type of customer would most likely order from Brady Supply Warehouse?

182. How did Mr. Mellon save money on his order?

183. In the e-mail, the phrase “mixed up” in paragraph 1, is closest in meaning to

184. What item does Mr. Mellon NOT want to change on his order?

185. When is Mr. Mellon going to begin his next job?


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