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Practice Test 1 – Part 7

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TOEIC Test RC 1000 – Test 3 – Part 7

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Questions 153-154 refer to the following notice.

From the Offices of

Doctor Calvin Hoffman

27 Shilling Road • Canton, IL 61520
(309) 555-0128

Because your health is important to us, we would like to remind you that it’s time for your examination. We look forward to seeing you!

(  ) Please call today to schedule an appointment.

(V) Your appointment is on

Monday, September 8      at      8:30 AM.Note: If you cannot keep your appointment, please provide at least 24 hours advance notice or you will be charged a fee.
153. Why was the notice sent?

154. What is mentioned about the doctor’s office?

Questions 155-157 refer to the following menu.

155 test 3155. What is indicated about the lunch special?

156. What dish is offered with a choice of salad or fries?

157. What dessert has ingredients that might change daily?

Questions 158-159 refer to the following notice.

Computer donations requested!

The Filmore Community Center is asking for donations of used computers. The center will gladly accept any desktop or laptop computers, provided that they are still functional. Computer accessories will also be welcome; however, we do not have any need for printers at this time. Please drop off any donations at the front desk of the community center. These computers will be used for adult community classes on basic computer functions, typing, and Web-page design. The community center’s classes are free for the Filmore community. Classes are scheduled to begin in January. Please call 555-0319 for more details.

158. What would most likely not be accepted as a donation?

159. How will the donations be used?

Questions 160-161 refer to the following information.

161160. What is the purpose of the information?

161. What is NOT scheduled to take place after lunch?

 Questions 162-164 refer to the following information from a Web site.

162 test 3162. For whom is the information most likely intended?

163. What is indicated about the gym?

164. What is NOT listed as a benefit of membership?

Questions 165-167 refer to the following e-mail.

From: Su Jung Ahn <sujungahn@wanfile.co.kr>
To: Jill Webber <j.webber@halamail.co.au>
Subject: Response
Date: May 30

Dear Ms. Webber,

Thank you for contacting us here at the Daejeon Family Inn. We would be happy to provide you with accommodations during your stay in Daejeon next month. Unfortunately, we do not have any rooms at our inn that operate as suites. However, we can book your family in two rooms that are at the end of a hallway, separate from the rest of the rooms at the inn.

The two rooms are right next to each other, and you would have some privacy away from the other guests. Each room has its own bathroom with a shower and a queen-size bed. We hope they will be suitable for your needs.

If that will be to your satisfaction, we will book you in these two rooms for four nights beginning on June 26. These rooms are $30 per night. This price includes breakfast. Would you like to proceed with this reservation? If I can be of further assistance, please let me know.


Su Jung Ahn

Manager, Daejeon Family Inn

165. Why was the e-mail written?

166. What is mentioned about the Daejeon Family Inn?

167. What did Ms. Webber most likely request?

Questions 168-171 refer to the following article.

July 19 – Being a home-business owner presents numerous challenges. Along with the difficulties of promoting the product or service, entrepreneurs also have to organize and manage the administrative aspects of the company. There are many products that claim to help small-business owners streamline their projects. Oftentimes these products are overly expensive and sometimes unnecessary. A smart business owner is continually looking for ways to minimize administrative costs and maximize profits. Here are three options that may prove useful:

  1. ADVERTISING COSTS – Advertising is absolutely essential for a new business owner. However, it can be incredibly pricey. To save costs, try online advertising. Look for Web sites or blogs that specifically cater to the industry or demographic you wish to target. Advertising on sites that have a very specific audience may prove to be effective and yield better results than more expensive, general advertising to a broad audience.
  2. TEMPORARY ASSISTANCE – Many small-business owners need basic administrative assistance. When hiring someone full-time is cost prohibitive, a temporary agency might provide the answer. Temporary administrative assistants are prescreened to ensure high quality, and they can help business owners manage their e-mail, respond to inquiries, schedule appointments, contact vendors, or write newsletters.
  3. LEGAL COUNSEL – The cost of obtaining legal advice can devastate a small business. Depending on the type of business, there may be low-cost or volunteer legal services available. For people working within the arts or in public service, there are nonprofit legal organizations that will take on cases for a minimal cost. In addition, some online sites have sprung up that allow creative entrepreneurs to get general legal advice and tips. The best way to find help of this nature would be to ask a lawyer to put you in touch with someone.
168. What is the purpose of the article?

169. What does the article suggest about advertising?

170. What is NOT mentioned as a task that can be performed by a temporary assistant?

171. How does the article suggest finding a nonprofit legal group?

Questions 172-175 refer to the following e-mail.

From: <Alberto Santos> asantos @ alphalonpharmasupply.com
To: <Ming Gao> mgao @ alphalonpharmasupply.com
Subject: Letter per your request
Date: January 21

Dear Mr. Gao,

I appreciate the opportunity I have had during the last two years to work as a manager on the sales team at Alphalon Pharma Supplies. I feel that my accomplishments during my time as a manger have exceeded expectations, as I have shown measurable success.

Here are some specific examples of how I have contributed to the sales department this past year.

  • I developed a proposal for a very important client who was prepared to terminate her account. Based on my work, she instead renewed at an even higher level. Her account is now the highest revenue-generating account in the company.
  • I successfully partnered with several sales team members to attract new business opportunities. Last year, I signed on 17 new business clients.
  • Given my background as a financial advisor, I was able to serve on a company-wide committee that identified areas of redundancy and ways to cut costs. Ultimately, our committee put together a proposal that was accepted by the executive board and is currently being implemented.
  • I trained three new sales assistants who were assigned to my department. These employees are now successfully working on client accounts and are contributing to the growth of the sales team.

I look forward to continuing to develop my career within the sales department. Given my record of accomplishments and the contribution I have made to the company’s profits and growth, I feel that the title of my current position is below the level of work that I am doing. I ask that you consider changing my title to something that reflects my standing in the department and my value to the company.

I appreciate your consideration in this matter.


Alberto Santos

172. Why was the e-mail written?

173. What is suggested about Mr. Santos?

174. What did Mr. Santos NOT do during the last year?

175. The word “standing” in paragraph 7 is closest in meaning to

Questions 176-180 refer to the following letter.

Raven Classics
Dublin, Ireland

August 21

Shandon’s Books
8 MacCurtain Street
Cork, Ireland

Account Number: 209473910

Raven Classics is excited to introduce the terms of a new payment plan for bookstores. As you know, under our old payment plan, we supplied titles to bookstores at 60 percent of their list price, and payment was required before the product was shipped.

This option will still be available to those who prefer it. However, in an effort to support independent businesses, we have come up with a second option. Under this alternate plan, booksellers will be shipped titles on credit and can hold them for up to six months. If the titles are sold during that time, the bookseller must pay us 80 percent of the list price. If the titles are not sold, they can be returned, and no charge will be incurred. This plan is only available to merchants who, like yourself, have ordered from us in the past. We hope this will enable lower-volume establishments to stock a wider range of our books at less financial risk to themselves.

Of course, participants in either program will still receive our monthly newsletter and promotional posters for optional in-store display.

Due to preexisting agreements with the larger chains, the second option will not be available for titles published in the last three months. After three months, these newer titles will subsequently become eligible for both plans. We will continue to provide free shipping from our warehouse to stores, but we regret that we are not able to cover the costs of return shipments.

176. What is the purpose of the letter?

177. What is mentioned about the old plan?

178. What is the stated goal of the second option?

179. What is NOT part of the second option?

180. What is required to participate in the new offer?


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