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TOEIC Test Vol.2 – Test 1 – Part 7

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Questions 153-154 refer to the following advertisement.


895 Havana Circle
Toronto, Canada
Telephone: 905-555-7683

Serving the Greater Toronto area since 1970!

  • Italian & North American dishes
  • Vegetarian food
  • Children’s menu
  • Delicious ice cream desserts
  • Service provided by an experienced and courteous staff
  • Delivery & take-out service

Hours 8:00 a.m.—10:00 p.m. Sunday—Thursday
10:00 a.m. —12:00 a.m. Friday & Saturday

Learn more about our menu on the Web at http://www.valentinoscorner.ca
153. What kind of business is Valentino’s Comer?
154. What information does NOT appear in the advertisement?
Questions 155-157 refer to the following calendar.

July Community Calendar

July 10: Reiman Gardens Art FairReiman Gardens, 10 A.M. to 4 P.M.

The work of over 50 sculptors and designers of garden statues will be on display and for sale to the public. Children’s activities are available all day with musical entertainment provided by pianists Donna and David Wilder at 3:00. Free

July 14: Ames Municipal Band ConcertAmes Park, 7:30 P.M.

The Ames Municipal Band will begin their final month of performances this Thursday. Preconcert entertainment (comedy) begins at 7 P.M. Free

July 30: Rick MaconStephens Auditorium, 8 P.M.

Singer Rick Macon is coming to the Stephens Auditorium. Macon has sold more than 18 million records worldwide with such hits as “Twilight Song” and “Strangers Forever.” Advance tickets will be on sale at Ames Library and Goodall Grocery.

Through August 1: Kite Tales ExhibitPioneer Library. 10 A.M. to 5 P M.

“colorful Kite Tales” is a documentary poster display that provides basic information about how kites work as well as fun historical facts. Free
155. What time does the entertainment at Ames Park begin?
156. Where are posters being exhibited?
157. Which event is NOT free?
Questions 158-162 refer to the following survey results.


Source: International Marketing Trends magazine, reporting on a survey by market research firm Transigo, Ltd. that queried customers on likely colors of future car purchases. Survey conducted among individuals who were planning to purchase a sedan in the next 12 months. Survey respondents were shown photographs of both European and Asian car models.

158. Who conducted the survey?

159. What is indicated about black cars?
160. Based on the survey results, what color car should be used in an advertisement aimed at young adults?
161. What was shown to survey participants?
162. What group of people were included in the survey?

Questions 163-165 refer to the following form.

163163. What does the customer consider unimportant when choosing a repair service?
164. With which aspect of the service was the customer NOT satisfied?
165. What is suggested about the customer?

Questions 166-169 refer to the following memo.


DATE: January 28
TO: Building M community
FROM: Janls Ting, Director of the Office Space Committee
SUBJECT: Jay Voon Auditorium Renovation

We wanted to alert you to the fact that the renovation of the Jay Voon Auditorium, the first Phase of a two-phase project, will begin in mid-February. The second phase, reconstruction of the first-floor offices adjacent to the auditorium, could begin as early as August, with an intended completion date of late November.

A project of this scope, in such a central location, will necessarily cause a certain degree of disruption to our community, and every effort will be made to minimize this disruption. Plans have already been made to provide alternative venues during renovation; for those of you who anticipate needing to schedule events for these alternative venues, Inform Lidia Ibrahim(ext. 3372, librahim@m.galleries.com] as soon as possible.

Should these time lines change in any way at this work progresses, we will keep the community informed.

We greatly appreciate your patience as we continue to enhance our facilities.

166. Why was the memo written?
167. What does the second phase of the renovation involve?
168. When is the project expected to be completed?
169. What should people who want to reserve a large space do?

Questions 170-173 refer to the following notice.


A Talk by Ami Wibowo,

Chief Curator of Mustika Museum

Date & Time: February 2, 10:00 am-12 noon

Location: Mustika Museum, Conference Room J1 Kxamat. Raya 81, Jakarta

Bio: Ami Wibowo has been the chief curator of the Mustika Museum, the oldest museum of Indonesian art and artifacts, since 1987. She holds a Master of Arts degree from Surabaya University and has been promoting the country’s culture and heritage since 1971. She is cochair of the National Heritage Commission and currently serves as the chair of the ASEAN Culture Foundation. She also started the annual Pan-Indonesian Art Conference in Jakarta.

Under her leadership, Mustika Museum has developed several award-winning services, ranging from the “Museums as Classrooms” program to international exhibits such as “Masks of the Java Seas” and “A Transcultural Mosaic,” showcasing artifacts from the permanent collection. Her most recent exhibit is “Hornbills and Dragons,” which is receiving overwhelmingly positive reviews in New York.

Ms, Wibowo is frequently featured in art journals and on radio and television talk shows. Among her many publications is the international best seller, Postcards from the Far East.

For more information, please call the Ministry of Culture at 555-3003 and speak to Benny Sutrisno.

170. What is the purpose of the notice?
171. Which of the following is NOT an international exhibition?
172. Where will Ami Wibowo be speaking?
173. What is one of Ami Wibowo’s achievements?
Questions 174-175 refer to the following memo.


To: All    employees
From: Marsha Gray, Business Manager
Date: October 5

Subject: copy machines

A copying machine has been placed next to the staff lounge. You may use It to copy tour brochures, ticket information, customer itineraries, and reservation confirmations. You can find extra paper in the supply room. Do not allow customers to use the machine. If you have to make more than 25 photocopies, please use the high-speed copier located on the second floor. In any case, you should make your own copies and not ask the administrative assistants to do It. Should a copy machine require repair or maintenance, please contact Trish Leslie in the accounting office (555-1664, extension 470) and she will notify the manufacturer.

174. What kind of company does Marsha Gray most likely work for?
175. Who should employees notify if one of the copiers needs service?
Questions 176-177 refer to the following e-mail message.

From: National Parks Visitors Bureau
To: ECSmith@eastcoast.netSubject: Correction to Newsletter
Date: Aug 5, 5:44 A.M.

A correction has been made to the August issue of our National Parks Newsletter. The North Mountain Views Rails to Trails package -combining two nights at the High Point Lodge, a half-day guided tour, one night at the Trail’s End Inn, and two tickets on the Scenic Shores Railroad – was listed incorrectly in the newsletter as 5295. The actual price per person for this package is $529 plus tax and is based on double occupancy.

In addition, please note that Lake Zephyr Sports and Culture offer is valid only at the Hidden Cove Resort Hotel. Prices are for two adults, and the package includes breakfast and dinner for three days. Each additional adult with pay $222; for an additional child, the extra cost is $202.

We apologize for any inconvenience.
The National Parks Visitors Bureau

176. What error was included in the August newsletter?
177. What limit is placed on the Lake Zephyr offer?
Questions 178-180 refer to the following letter.


Association of Financial Consultants

121 Hibiscus Ct.
Boca Raton, FL 33429
Telephone: 1-561-555-8286
Fax: 1-561-555-8287

Suzette Bowman
1492 Oak Drive
Silver Spring, MD 20902

January 15

Dear Ms. Bowman:

Your recently received an informational packet concerning the upcoming Association of Financial Consultants conference. I need to clarify the charges for existing members. The cover letter that I enclosed with your conference booklet should have included the sentence, “If you are not AFC member, please submit $35 for your membership.” As you have already paid this year’s membership dues, you do not need to send the $35 listed on the conference registration form. Please forgive the mistake. When you return your registration form, please write “already a current member” on it. However, you will still need to enclose the $50 conference fee and $275 for your room and banquet meal no later than February 10.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me. The best way is to e-mail me atjeffhorne@afincon.com, but if necessary, you may also leave me a message at 1-561-555-8286, extension 432, and I will get back to you as quickly as possible.


Jeff Horne
Membership Coordinator
178. What is the main purpose of the letter?
179. How much does it cost to belong to the AFC?
180. How does Mr . Horne prefer to be contacted?


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