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TOEIC Test Vol.2 – Test 1 – Part 7d

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Questions 181-185 refer to the following letter and newspaper article.

Cape Town, July 15

Dear Mr. Wyman,

We are happy to inform you that Neorela Electronics has been named a finalist in this year’s Commerce&Technology Review Awards. Neorela Electronics, whose enưy you submitted on June 20, was selected from among 1,500 contestants.

You are invited to attend the awards ceremony on August 15 at the Kenstovich Hotel in cape Town. Please note that for accommodation and scheduling purposes, we need a response to this invitation by August 1 indicating whether or not you will attend the ceremony.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,

Jill Hanover

Two Kimberley-based companies have been awarded this year’s Commerce & Technology Review Awards. Neorela Electronics and Alfane Systems won in the Best Innovation and Best Technology categories, respectively. Winners in fifteen categories, including Best Debut and Best Employer, were announced last Sunday during the annual awards ceremony known as the Comtech Gala at the Kenstovich Hotel in Cape Town. The Commerce & Technology Review Awards is a national business awards program honoring excellence in the workplace and in business activities.

Neorela Electronic and Alfane Systems specialize in the production of high-tech household equipment. The former is known for its quality air-conditioning systems, and the latter focuses on new solutions in antitheft alarm equipment. Other companies honored at the gala include renowned producer of kitchen appliances Dessem, and Replicomp, a leader in computer software. This year’s awards for Neorela and Alfane mark a change in this and other similar events, whose judges had not nominated small businesses before.

181.  What is Mr. Wyman asked to do?
182. When was the Comtech Gala held?
183. Which award did Alfane Systems receive?
184. What does Neorela Electronics produce?
185. What can be inferred about the awards in previous years?


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