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TOEIC Test Vol.2 – Test 1 – Part 6

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Questions 141-143 refer to the following e-mail.
To: All head office personnel <allpersonnel@tronicaville.com>
From: Central security <security@tronicaville.com>
Subject: New constructionPlease pass the following information on to (141) …….. in your area who might need a reminder.

In (142) …….. for the factory expansion, the southeast section of parking lot C is now permanently closed.

This area will be completely fenced in, and excavation will begin shortly.

During the construction period, delays should be expected in entering and leaving parking lot C. Watch for construction equipment and personnel working in the area. You must pay special attention to all (143) …….. traffic signs. The locations of these signs will change as the workers move to different areas of the site.

If you have any questions, please contact Marty Spencer at extension 7845.
Question 141
Question 142
Question 143


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