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LC+RC 1000 – Test 1 – Part 7d

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Questions 181-185 refer to the following receipt and information.

185 Test 1

Timko’s Tips For Caring For Your Florangeas

Florangeas are attractive house plants that can offer years of enjoyment. To make sure your florangeas remain healthy and continue to bloom year-round, the following is recommended.

– Ceramic pots work the best and are the only pots we use at Timko’s.

– Water the plants regularly. Make sure to use a watering can that will reach down to the soil. Do not moisten the leaves or the flowers. This will cause them to become brown. For best results, use room temperature water.

– Florangeas should never experience temperatures below 15°C. Do not put them in a location where they may be harmed by cool air.

– Expose the plants to indirect sunlight only. Direct sunlight will cause the leaves to grow upward instead of outward.

181. What did Mr. LeBlanc receive for free?
182. What is NOT stated about the pots purchased by Mr. LeBlanc?
183. What is indicated about florangeas?
184. According to the information, how can owners keep the plants from turning brown?
185. According to the information, why should florangeas be placed in indirect sunlight?


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