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Level 750-990: Mini Test 1



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1. Question 1
2. Question 2
3. Question 3
4. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
5. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
6. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
7. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
8. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
9. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
10. Where are the speakers?
11. What does the receptionist recommend doing?
12. What is said about the class card?
13. Who most likely is the speaker?
14. What is the talk about?
15. According to the speaker, what can employees expect from the change?
16. When ——- for new staff members, the Grayton Sports Center values friendly individuals with a background in healthcare.
17. Crayworth Clinic offers a multitude of career opportunities to healthcare professionals who seek ——- jobs that provide a challenge.
18. Patients must bring their healthcare records with them when they are ——- to the clinic.
19. Patients are requested to ——- their mobile phones when they are in the waiting room and for the duration of consultations.
20. Patient information is confidential and should be discussed only with individuals ——- involved in each person’s care.
21. Drivers are required to inform the Department of Transportation of any health changes that are likely to ——- their ability to drive safely.
22. Patients who need to change an appointment —– their contact information should call the receptionist at 800-555-458.
Questions 23-25 refer to the following letter.
Best Hands Medical Claims
10 Union Street
Dublin 6 Ireland
Member ID # 123456Dear Mr Murphy

As you requested, I am (23)—– the information for the claim dated 29 May. Please see the attached document.

I was informed on the phone that a manager was already looking into the possibility of my being reimbursed, (24)—– I have not yet had a response from Best Hands Medical Claims.

I would appreciate it if you could attend to my claim at your earliest convenience, as two months have passed and I (25)—– for reimbursement.

Please inform me how much the reimbursement is. Many thanks for your assistance in this matter.


Tara Boyle
23. Question 23
24. Question 24
25. Question 25
Questions 26-30 refer to the following flyer.


  1. Don’t skip breakfast; it is the most important meal of the day.
  2. Eat lots of fruit, vegetables, whole grains and follow a diet low in saturated fats. The nutrients in these foods can contribute to fewer health problems and a healthy heart.
  3. Make sure your diet contains enough calcium-rich foods to maintain strong and healthy bones and teeth.
  4. Keep foods with added sugars down to a minimum to reduce the risk of health problems and weight gain.
  5. Try to do at least 30 minutes of physical activity every day to keep a balance between exercise and food intake.
  6. You do not have to give up on the things you enjoy eating; if you do, you will crave them even more. The answer is to maintain a healthy weight by eating in moderation.
  7. Do not make protein, such as meat and chicken, the focus of your meal. The portion of protein should be the same size as the whole grains and vegetables.
  8. Drink water! Water is a natural cleanser. It rids the body of all its harmful toxins.
  9. Eat slowly and stop eating before you feel full. It takes time for your brain to register that you aren’t hungry any more.
  10. Most important – avoid keeping junk food in the house!
26. What is the main purpose of the flyer?
27. According to the information, what is a benefit of drinking water?
28. The word ‘portion’ in paragraph 7, is closest in meaning to
29. According to the information in the flyer, what is a healthy eating habit?
30. What does the flyer claim is the most important tip for healthy eating?


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